services: architecture + interior design + Planning


The Design process will vary on each project according to client requirements, and can include some or all of the following specific services:

Program Development

We assist the Owner to analyze project needs, develop project goals, and draft a written program setting forth the functional requirements and spatial relationships for the project. 

Site Evaluation

BEHLES+BEHLES can provide comparative studies of prospective sites, identifying factors that influence cost and suitability, including regulatory requirements, climate, topography, geotechnical character, and utilities.

Existing Building Evaluation

B+B will analyze the suitability of existing structures to meet client needs. We provide services to investigate existing facilities/conditions, and explore the feasibility of their adaptation and reuse.

Master Planning

We are skilled at creating comprehensive development roadmaps for our clients. This typically requires the evaluation of existing facilities and sites, the collection of program data, the definition of project objectives, and the development of conceptual design solutions.

Feasibility Analysis

We can provide the information necessary to evaluate the financial feasibility of a project. This often includes an analysis of sites, zoning/building codes, scheduling, construction budgets, and conceptual building design.

Zoning and Regulatory Process Assistance

 We provide our clients with help to navigate the regulatory process. We assist with the acquisition of zoning changes, special use permits, design review compliance, and planned-use development approvals.

Architectural Design

B+B manages the building design process from definition of the design problem through the development of the design solution. We balance the demands of program, site, regulatory authorities, technology, budget, and schedule for our client’s maximum benefit.

Sustainable Design

BEHLES+BEHLES is committed to the practice of sustainable design, which aims to reduce consumption of non-renewable resources, minimize waste, and create healthy, productive environments. We can help clients obtain third-party verification (e.g., Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Certification) that a building, home or community was designed and built using sustainable design practices.

Building and Site Engineering

B+B provides Civil Engineering of building site improvements and Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Protection Engineering of building systems.

Construction Documents

We prepare Construction Documents, consisting of working drawings and specifications, setting forth in detail the requirements for construction of the project. Our carefully prepared documents produce accurate bids and carefully constructed buildings.

Bidding Assistance

We help our clients attract qualified bidders for their building projects, and assist them with the mechanics of obtaining accurate bids or negotiated proposals.

Construction Administration

B+B provides on-site observation of the construction process for compliance with the contract drawings and specifications. We advise and consult with the Owner during construction and transmit communications between Owner and Contractor. We review and process shop drawings, material/sample submittals, and contractor payment requests. We issue punch lists of incomplete work and follow-through with project close-out procedures.

Interior Design

We provide our clients with a full range of interior design services including the selection and specification of furniture and loose furnishings, design of custom millwork pieces, selection of artwork, design of signage, and specification of finish materials and colors.

Historic Preservation and Adaptive Reuse

Our staff is experienced in the reuse and rehabilitation of historic structures. We can help navigate the public process of historic preservation ordinance compliance and review.

Tenant-Related Services

B+B provides assistance to commercial tenants and landlords. We can develop building improvement standards, produce base building drawings, create space plans, and provide typical design and construction document services.

Facility Management

We provide our clients with services to assist in the management of their facilities. We document their building and land assets, provide inventories of furniture and equipment, keep track of space allocations, and assist with the design of facility alterations.

Renderings, Scale Models and Promotional Drawings

B+B can prepare special presentation tools such as 3-D renderings and models for use in client marketing and communication programs.


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